If you’re reading these lines you undoubtedly know: cocotb has a new website, a new logo, and a brand-new blog!

But before we go any further let’s take a minute to say thank you to all the people and organizations who made all of this possible.

  • Thank you to Lena Alm for the fantastic new cocotb logo. It has been a long process to get to this point, but we finally made it. Thanks!
  • Thank you to the FOSSi Foundation and their sponsors for providing funds for a contractor for the website design.
  • And a big thank you to all cocotb maintainers for reviewing many drafts of the design, the content, and the logo. Thanks for all the constructive discussions and the feedback!

We hope you all enjoy this new site as much as we do. Of course, we’re only at the beginning of our journey, and that’s where we need all of you!

Do you have an interesting cocotb story to share? A verification problem you solved with cocotb? An extension you made or discovered that makes working with cocotb easier? Let us know, and let’s make it a blog post!

Please reach out to any of the maintainers, or to Philipp at philipp@fossi-foundation.org and let’s talk!

Just like cocotb itself, this website is open source and contributions are actively encouraged. If you’d like to propose a change or an improvement to this website reach out at cocotb/cocotb-web on GitHub.